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December 6 2007, 1:32 PM

Keira Knightley


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you look very 'Real'

Posted by vipermiir on Apr 20, 08 2:41 am

that cant be you !

Posted by moomooitsmolly on Apr 18, 08 5:48 pm

in this you look like the girl from the movie speak. im jelly :)

Posted by JokeInsideJoke on Feb 7, 08 8:20 pm

agreed very pretty

Posted by the-beautiful-letdown on Jan 13, 08 9:04 am

You look like Keira Knightley!

Posted by Amaranthus on Dec 22, 07 10:25 pm

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Nov 24, 2007 1:42 pm

Jerk It Out

Miss Majere (by JC)

miss majere
whatever would i do without you here?

you are my little english mate
i would say our increased friendship here is fate
if it wasn't for the fact that neither of us care about jesus
so it's not
k great

i remember talking to you one morning made me late,
for class
so i had to run fast
to get there on time
your bellatrix avatar used to remind me of slime

your design skills are on point
they make me wanna dislocate a joint
because they look so good
if i hadn't already known you were an english lass
i'd have guessed you were from the hood
you're basically like black folk

i find that you always like really strange blokes
like david bowie
and colonel jack o'neil
old men seem to make you squeel

so i guess it's good im older than you
although not by much
you make me chuckle, laugh and such
i'm glad you're not dutch

gas prices are really high in europe
so i hope you don't have to pay for a car
even though i bet your rich
because you have your own star
that's really far